Mistake – Book Four in the Breaking the Rules Series

WARNING – If you haven’t read the first three books in the series, this excerpt may contain spoilers.  Also, this excerpt has not been edited and is subject to change.  

Many of you have been patiently awaiting Opal’s book.  I’m ready to make this happen for you…and soon!  I thought I would share a little excerpt on what I’ve been working on.  

mistake header



First day of college… 

You were a mistake.  That was a constant reminder in my home growing up.  Momma took every chance she could to remind me of just that.  A mistake for getting pregnant from a loser?  A mistake for not getting an abortion or putting me up for adoption?

My entire life has been one big mistake.  Every decision I make always ends up being the wrong one.  In high school when I joined a drama class just because I thought the teacher was hot, that was a mistake.  Turns out, I couldn’t act and the teacher hated that I was the worst one in the group.  Both he and the class took their digs at me daily about how horrible I was.  It was a fucking nightmare.

When I decided to get a job at a restaurant waiting tables so I could save to go see Olive in New York—that, too, was a mistake.  After spilling coffee all over three customers in a single day, I was fired.  Apparently I wasn’t cut out for that sort of work.

At eighteen, when a fine ass black man showed up on my doorstep offering to whisk me away to New York City so I could model, well, that was a mistake as well.  Turns out, my naïve ass moved in with a psychopathic, sadistic shithead that was obsessed with my sister and just using me to get to her.  Big mistake.  Huge.   

I’m tired of making mistakes.  Once I set my eyes on the handsome investment banker, Trent Sutton, I knew things were going to turn around for me.  In an effort to quit making mistakes and make something of myself, I chose to enroll at CUNY and get my Bachelor’s degree in Investment Banking.  That would get Trent to notice me. 

For once, I was going to learn from my mistakes and start making better decisions.  Things are going to change.  I can feel it.   

Chapter 1

Nearly four years later…

            I’ve been fucking friend zoned.  Sitting up in my desk chair, I quickly unbutton my top two buttons of my blouse and poke my chest out.  The board meeting is about to start which means Trent should be here any moment.  How that man can resist my constant advances is beyond me.  I can see the lustful way he appreciates my body but he never makes a move.  It is fucking annoying.  Maybe he was waiting for me to get out of college?  The worst thought is maybe he just doesn’t find me attractive.

            The latter makes me sick to my stomach.  I spend several days a week in the gym building my muscle tone and eat extremely healthy.  I know that he notices my tight curves but he never even tries to touch me.  It drives me crazy.

            “You look pretty today,” Andi compliments as she comes in with Jackson.  He makes a beeline straight for the conference room while she stops at my desk.  Andi is absolutely gorgeous.  Her long, platinum blonde hair is always smoothed to perfection.  She always wears sexy, form fitting suits that accentuate her curves.  Jackson, her husband, has a hard time keeping his eyes off of her even to this day.  It makes me happy for her but sad that I can’t even get Trent to lose his measured control even for a second.

            “Thanks, doll.  Board meeting,” I remind her, winking.  She giggles and throws a glance over at the front doors where a group of men are entering.

            “If that asshole doesn’t notice you today, you need to fucking move on.  Seriously, Opal.  You’re gorgeous, smart, and spicy as hell.  You need a man that will fall to his knees and worship you, not one that treats you like a little sister,” she sighs.

            I frown at her words.  Being treated like a little sister is worse than being fucking friend zoned.

            “Gross, Andi!  Now go away, he’s coming this way,” I hiss and wave her away.  She chuckles all the way to her office earning a glare from me.

            “Good morning, Opal.  How is your day?” a sexy, familiar, deep voice asks from behind me.  I suppress a shiver and swivel around in my chair to face him.  He looks sexy as hell, like usual, in his navy pin-striped three-piece suit.  His blonde hair is perfectly styled, and like always, I have the urge to run my fingers through it and mess it all up.  David Beckham has nothing on this man.  Blue eyes twinkle at me as his lips curve into a smile.  Those lips.  God, what I could do to those lips.

            “Cat got your tongue?” he teases.  Really, this man has no idea how much I want him.  My skin burns but I quickly recover.  But not before I appreciatively run my eyes over his overly toned body.

            “Hey, Trent.  Things are perfect now,” I breathe out suggestively and cock an eyebrow up at him.  His eyes do the thing they always do when I say these things to him—they darken—but only for a moment.  I don’t miss when his eyes dart down to my fairly exposed chest but his eyes are back at mine in a flash.

            “Great, we’ll chat after the meeting, hon,” he says grinning and saunters off to the boardroom.  I admire his ass until he closes the door behind him.  Hopping up from my chair, I head to Andi’s office to explain in detail the latest encounter.  Ever since I began working at Compton Enterprises four years ago, Andi and I have become extremely close.  Olive and Pepper have their kids in common which means they spend a lot of time together doing “mommy” things.  Poor Andi and Jackson are still trying to conceive.

            “Opal,” Bray calls out from his office as I walk by.  Stopping in my tracks, I peek my head in.

            “What’s up, bro?” I ask.  And he is my brother in every sense of the word.  He rescued me that night from Drake and I will forever be grateful.  It was also Bray that treated my sister like nobody ever could—he loves her and my niece Abby with such an intensity that it can be felt by all those around them. 

            “Want to go visit Olive for lunch at the firing range?” he questions.  Typically we go visit her at least one of the three days she works up there to help Jo.  At first, Bray was overly insistent that she didn’t need to work.  But my sister wouldn’t hear any of it.  They didn’t need the money but it was more about her getting out and having adult interaction.  On many occasions, Jo has tried to sell it to her but Olive hasn’t conceded just yet.

            “That sounds great, Bray.  Just holler at me when you’re ready,” I instruct and head next door into Andi’s office.  Normally I wouldn’t bust into her office knowing Jackson could be ravishing her on the other side but since I knew he was in the conference room, things were safe.  I am about to start whining about Trent but realize she is crying.  Quickly, I close the door behind me and rush to her side.

            “Andi, what’s going on?” I ask softly as I stroke her hair.  She quickly dabs her eyes and looks sadly up at me.

            “Oh, Opal, I’m just devastated,” she sniffles.  Deciding she’s a little better, I move back to the other side of her desk and sit down.

            “About what?” I ask.  But I know what she’s about to say before she even says it.  Four years they’ve been married and she’s had five miscarriages.

            “It happened again this weekend,” she whispers tearfully.  My heart tightens for her.  I absolutely hate this for her.  She’s such a kind, wonderful person and deserves a baby so much.

            “I’m so sorry, Andi.  Is there anything I can do?”

            She sniffles and sets to shredding the tissues anxiously.  I have a feeling there’s more than the miscarriage going on right now.

            “Jackson and I are going back to counseling this week.  We’ve been arguing so much lately.  When we have sex, it’s so calculated and timed with my ovulation calendar.  There’s no more spontaneity.  Jackson is patient but I can see him faltering.  He never says a word but I know he resents me for this.  I honestly don’t know what to do so that’s why I set up an appointment with Dr. Sweeney.  Jackson was pissed but never disagreed.  Opal, I’m just so miserable,” she confesses.

            My heart aches for her.  “Andi, have you thought about other options?  Have you tried in vitro fertilization?  Have you looked into adoption?”

            She reaches into her purse and pulls out a card.  “I actually have an appointment this week to talk to this Dr. Ellis about our options.  He comes highly recommended and is really good at what he does.  If this doesn’t work, I’ll look into adoption.  I can’t take any more of these miscarriages.  They gut me, Opal.  I’m an emotional mess afterwards.”

            “Things are going to work out, Andi.  Just hang in there.  You know I’m always here for you,” I remind her.  She nods and attempts a smile.

            “Thanks, girl.  Now tell me about Trent.  Does he want to have wild sex with you in the conference room?” she asks, wagging her eyebrows.

            “I wish but he doesn’t seem remotely interested.  I swear, I feel like I’m in high school again desperately crushing over someone unattainable like my drama teacher,” I grumble.  Her eyes widen and she giggles, her low moment from earlier dissipating. 

            “Why does that not surprise me, Opal?  Why don’t you let me fix you up with someone?  I’m sorry but Trent is just taking too fucking long.  When was the last time you got laid?” she questions.

            “Drake.  He was my first and my last.  My fucking vibrator broke from overuse too!  I’m ready for things to turn around,” I exclaim. 

            Needing to get back to work, I stand and give her a hug.  Giving her a slight wave, I make my way back to my desk and bury myself in my work until the conference room door opens and the board members file out.  Trent makes his way back over to my desk and sits his brief case down.

            “How were finals?  I forgot to ask and I’ve been wondering since you were especially having trouble in your International Investments class,” he says and sits on the edge of the desk.  My eyes trail up his muscular legs for a second before I make eye contact.

            “It was a fuck—” I begin but stop myself.  He always frowns when I cuss, so I start again.  “It was a nightmare but I passed with a low B. I’ll be graduating in a couple of weeks and will be ready to unleash my investment knowledge on the world,” I laugh.

            His eyes study my face for a moment like he’s seeing me for the first time and my heart pounds out of my chest.  I drop my eyes to my lap, not wanting to break the spell.  His large hand reaches over and sweeps a strand of hair from my face.  My eyes once again dart to his and I feel my panties dampen as I try not to inhale his unique scent.  He’s regarding me differently and it’s doing things to my heart and my mind.  Crazy things.

            “Well, I think that calls for a celebratory dinner.  Would you let me take you to dinner tonight?” he asks in that sexy, deep voice of his.  My heart is on overdrive now.  He’s never once asked me out.  I’m almost at a loss for words.  Almost.

            “Sure, Trent.  I would love to have dinner with you.  And dessert too,” I suggest.  His eyes fall to my chest but quickly make their way back to my eyes.  This time he licks his lips and now I know I’ll need a panty change. 

            “Write down your address and number.  I’ll pick you up at seven,” he says hoarsely.  Quickly, he hops off the desk, grabs his brief case, and stalks out the front doors. 

            I have a date with the successful, sexy, Trent Sutton.  I’ve only waited four years for this day to come. 

(To be continued….hope you enjoyed the tease!)

Mistake will be releasing late 2014

If you sneaked over here and read this without reading the first three books, I’ll forgive you.  You can grab them up below…

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    • I plan on a book for him as well…already got the story idea in my head! His hot Irish temper is going to get him in trouble and a certain female will have to help. 🙂

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